Sri Pratap Singh Museum


It's worth visiting this richly endowed historical museum for its fine 7th-century Buddhist statues, Mughal paper mache work, 4th-century tiles from the Buddhist site of Harwan, plus the normal weaponry and traditional Kashmiri costumes. The upper-floor halls of the new building were still being assembled during our visit.

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1. Bund

0.13 MILES

A few colonial-era half-timbered buildings remain along the northern towpath of the Jhelum River. The most splendid example is the former British…

2. Khanqah Shah-i-Hamadan


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5. First Row Houseboats


For guests, the first-row houseboats can prove noisy and lacking in privacy. However, as an attraction they collectively form Srinagar's signature image.

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Much of Srinagar's fresh produce is brought in from 'floating gardens' and landed at this tiny dock, making for photogenic scenes.

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