Son Bhandar Caves

Legend attributes these caves to the treasury of King Bimbisara but actually they are a series of Jain meditation caves, bare except for a couple of stone carvings. The roof of the right-hand cave collapsed in the earthquake of 1934.

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1. Maniyar Math

0.41 MILES

This oddly shaped ancient circular temple was dedicated to naga (snake spirit) worship.

2. King Bimbisara's Jail

0.74 MILES

These foundations mark the jail in which King Bimbisara was imprisoned until his death by his son Ajatashatru. Bimbisara was the first king to adopt…

3. Saptaparni Cave

0.85 MILES

A 40-minute uphill hike from the back of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple takes you past Jain and Hindu temples to this atmospheric cave and natural rock…

4. Jeevakamravana

0.97 MILES

These ruined monastery foundations mark the mango grove given to Buddha by Jeevak Kaumarbhritya (525–450 BC), the court physician of Maghada.

5. Buddha Jal Vihar

1.03 MILES

Next to the Lakshmi Narayan Temple complex (on your left as you approach the temple), the Jaipur-pink Buddha Jal Vihar is a limpid green pool set in well…

6. Lakshmi Narayan Temple

1.07 MILES

Hindu pilgrims visit this temple, about 2km south of town (turn right out of the bus stand and keep walking), to enjoy the health benefits of the hot…

7. Veerayatan

1.23 MILES

About 1km from Lakshmi Narayan Temple (turn left out of the temple, then first left), this Jain museum tells the history of each of the 24 Jain…

8. Venu Van

1.26 MILES

This pleasant park just north of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple marks the site of the bamboo grove given to Buddha by King Bimbisara, thus considered by many…