International Roerich Memorial Trust

Top choice museum in Naggar

This fascinating memorial and museum complex 1km above the castle focuses on the former home of Russian painter, writer and Inner Asian explorer Nicholas Roerich and his wife Elena Roerich, a philosopher, writer and translator. They settled here in 1928 and stayed until his death in 1947. The couple's semi-mystical, aesthetico-orientalist philosophising had an international following in their lifetimes, but it is Nicholas' art that has had the most enduring appeal.

The house's lower floor displays some of Nicholas' landscape paintings (many depicting Himalayan mountains) and paintings by the couple's son Svyatoslav, while the upper floor preserves some of the private rooms (you can only look in through the windows). In the scenic hillside gardens are Nicholas' samadhi (tomb) and an exhibit on Svyatoslav and his wife, the Indian film star Devika Rani.

Down the road there's a good little book, print and postcard shop, while a five-minute uphill walk takes you to the Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute, with further exhibits on the work of the Roerichs and their associates.