Kachchh (Kutch)

The Kumbhar village of Khavda, 70km north of Bhuj, is known for its pottery and textiles.

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1. Ludia

0.45 MILES

This appealing Meghwal village off the main road to Khavda has beautifully decorated houses, and embroidery and leatherwork for sale. Some of the…

2. Kalo Dungar

8.37 MILES

North of the village of Khavda, the Black Hill marks Kachchh's highest point (462m), with remarkable views over the Great Rann salt flat (or inland sea if…

3. Bhirandiyara

12.52 MILES

You can find some excellent embroidery and leatherwork at this Meghwal village. It's an hour's drive north of Bhuj, off Rte 341.

4. Hodka

14.78 MILES

Inhabited by the Meghwal and Halepotra people, this village specialises in leatherwork and embroidery. It's around 55km north of Bhuj, off Rte 341.

5. White Desert

28.28 MILES

The name White Desert probably conjures up images of vast, silent expanses of searing salt desert where you can quietly meditate on life. Well, you can…

6. Traditional Rogan Art

29.03 MILES

The village of Nirona, 40km northwest of Bhuj, features several distinctive crafts (lacquerwork, bell making), but none more so than the award-winning…