Tækniminjasafn Austurlands


For insight into the town’s fishing and telecommunications history, stop by this worthwhile technical museum. It’s housed in two buildings on Hafnargata: the impressive 1894 home of Norwegian shipowner Otto Wathne (the old telegraph station), and a mechanical workshop from 1907.

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1. Tvisöngur

0.23 MILES

A favourite walk takes explorers from a parking area south of Tækniminjasafn Austurlands about 15 or 20 minutes uphill to the 'sound sculpture' Tvísöngur,…

2. Skaftfell – Center for Visual Art

0.46 MILES

It's well worth a look in this gallery space above the Skaftfell Bistro. Skaftfell is a visual art centre with a focus on contemporary art, and it stages…

3. Avalanche Monument

0.73 MILES

The monument near the church dates from the 1996 avalanche, and is made from twisted girders from the factory demolished by the event. The girders were…

4. Bláa Kirkjan

0.73 MILES

The star of many a tourist photo, the Blue Church has a dramatic mountain backdrop to add to its highly photogenic exterior. It's often locked, but opens…

5. Rainbow Street

0.74 MILES

This street is supremely photogenic: a rainbow is painted on the pavement, and the Blue Church serves as a sweet backdrop. It features in many advertising…

6. Minjasafn Austurlands

11.8 MILES

Egilsstaðir’s cultural museum has sweet but unremarkable displays focusing on the region's history, and includes exhibits detailing the wild reindeer of…

7. Viewpoint

12.02 MILES

Take a stroll up to the Hringsjá viewpoint from Fénaðarklöpp, for panoramas over the town and surrounds.

8. Safnahúsið

12.09 MILES

Three collections are clustered together in one bright-red harbour front warehouse, known as ‘Museum House’. Tryggvasafn showcases a collection of…