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Spectacular waterfall Aldeyjarfoss, 41km south of Goðafoss, is well worth the journey. The Skjálfandafljót river churns through a narrow passage and into a deep pool in a canyon lined with intriguing basalt column formations.

Take unsealed Rte 842 to the northern entrance/exit of the long, lonely 4WD Sprengisandur route (Rte F26) across the interior highlands. Note: only 4WD permitted on F26, which is the last 3.5km to Aldeyjarfoss' small parking area, as you drive south.

You can park your 2WD near the gate for F26 and walk the 3.5km if you don't have a 4WD.

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1. Hrafnabjargafoss

1.84 MILES

Often overshadowed in the media by its neighbour, the famous falls Aldeyjarfoss, the multiple churning chutes of Hrafnabjargafoss, 3.5km south on F26 and…

2. Laxá

16.31 MILES

The clear and turbulent Laxá (Salmon River), one of the many Icelandic rivers so named, cuts the western division of Mývatn, rolling straight across the…

3. Skútustaðagígar

16.56 MILES

The Skútustaðagígar pseudocraters were formed when molten lava flowed into Mývatn lake, triggering a series of gas explosions. These dramatic green…

4. Höfði

18.42 MILES

One of the area’s gentlest landscapes is on the forested lava headland at Höfði. Wildflowers, birch and spruce trees cover the bluffs, while the tiny…

5. Dimmuborgir

19.82 MILES

The giant jagged lava field at Dimmuborgir (literally ‘Dark Castles’) is one of the most fascinating flows in the country. A series of nontaxing, colour…

6. Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum

20.69 MILES

For superb birdwatching background, visit Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum, housed in a beautiful lakeside building that fuses modern design with traditional turf…

7. Hverfjall

21.13 MILES

Dominating the lava fields on the eastern edge of Mývatn is the classic tephra ring Hverfjall (also called Hverfell). This near-symmetrical crater…

8. Grjótagjá

22.27 MILES

Game of Thrones fans may recognise this as the place where Jon Snow is, ahem, deflowered by Ygritte. Grjótagjá is a gaping fissure with a 45°C water…