The small, red former home of writer, illustrator and naturalist Benedikt Gröndal beautifully evokes turn-of-the-century Reykjavic life. Gröndal lived here from 1880 to 1907 and exhibits include his famous Fauna of Iceland collection of colour drawings. Look out for the majestic great auk, a flightless bird hunted to extinction by the mid-19th century.

Gröndalshús opened in 2017 to promote Reykjavík’s status as a Unesco City of Literature.

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1. Aðalstræti 10

0.06 MILES

Reykjavík's oldest timber house dates to 1762 and is now home to changing exhibitions charting the course of the city's history.

2. Reykjavík Museum of Photography

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This gallery room, high above Reykjavík City Library, is well worth a visit for its top-notch exhibitions of regional photographers. If you take the lift…

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5. i8

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Displays works by some of the country’s top modern artists, many of whom show overseas as well.

6. Volcano House

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This modern theatre with a hands-on lava exhibit in the foyer screens a 55-minute pair of films in English (hourly) about the Vestmannaeyjar volcanoes and…

7. Skúli Magnússon Statue


This statue represents Skúli Magnússon, the ‘Father of Reykjavík’, who organised the city's early industry.

8. Settlement Exhibition


This fascinating archaeological ruin-museum is based around a 10th-century Viking longhouse unearthed here from 2001 to 2002 and other Settlement-Era…