This working Catholic church was built in 1929 in the Gothic style on a hillock overlooking central Reykjavík. On Saturday the sermon of the 6pm service is in English, as is the service at 6pm on Sunday.

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Nearby Reykjavík attractions

1. Settlement Exhibition

0.18 MILES

This fascinating archaeological ruin-museum is based around a 10th-century Viking longhouse unearthed here from 2001 to 2002 and other Settlement-Era…

2. Gröndalshús


The small, red former home of writer, illustrator and naturalist Benedikt Gröndal beautifully evokes turn-of-the-century Reykjavic life. Gröndal lived…

3. Skúli Magnússon Statue


This statue represents Skúli Magnússon, the ‘Father of Reykjavík’, who organised the city's early industry.

4. Aðalstræti 10


Reykjavík's oldest timber house dates to 1762 and is now home to changing exhibitions charting the course of the city's history.

5. Ráðhús

0.22 MILES

Reykjavík’s waterside Ráðhús is a beautifully positioned postmodern construction of concrete stilts, tinted windows and mossy walls rising from Tjörnin…

6. Old Reykjavík

0.23 MILES

With a series of sights and interesting historic buildings, the area dubbed Old Reykjavík is the heart of the capital, and the focal point of many…

7. i8

0.24 MILES

Displays works by some of the country’s top modern artists, many of whom show overseas as well.

8. Volcano House

0.25 MILES

This modern theatre with a hands-on lava exhibit in the foyer screens a 55-minute pair of films in English (hourly) about the Vestmannaeyjar volcanoes and…