North Iceland

North of Akureyri, on the road to Grenivík you'll find the beautifully photogenic turf houses at Laufás, a preserved manor farm dating from the 1860s. There's a small timber church from the same era. A cafe sells handicrafts, and in summer there are sometimes child-friendly horse rides offered on the grounds.

Pass (2000kr) includes entry to Akureyri Museum, Nonni's House, and Davíð Stefánsson's House.

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Nearby North Iceland attractions

1. Hjalteyri

4.21 MILES

Hjalteyri (population 43) was once a major herring harbour, and its old fish factory was Iceland's largest herring-processing plant when it was built in…

2. Icelandic Folk & Outsider Art Museum

9.96 MILES

This excellent, eclectic museum 12km from Akureyri on Rte 1 (look for the sculpture of a tall blue man out the front) is a beautiful space filled with…

3. Into the Arctic

13.86 MILES

Akureyri's newest entry on the exhibition scene, Into the Arctic displays cover the great north's wildlife, settlement, explorers and culture, from dog…

4. Byggðasafnið Hvoll

14.24 MILES

Dalvík’s quality folk museum is high on oddball factor. Skip the usual taxidermic characters (yes, another polar bear) and find the rooms dedicated to the…

5. Akureyri Art Museum

14.25 MILES

Stimulate your senses at the Akureyri Art Museum, which hosts eclectic, innovative exhibitions – from graphic design to portraiture – and is surrounded by…

6. Akureyrarkirkja

14.27 MILES

Dominating the town from high on a hill, Akureyri’s landmark church was designed by Guðjón Samúelsson, the architect responsible for Reykjavík’s…

7. Catholic Church

14.44 MILES

The Catholic church is an attractive old red-and-white house built in 1912 and acquired by the church in 1952. On the nearby roundabout is Einar Jónsson’s…

8. Lystigarðurinn

14.59 MILES

The most northerly botanical garden in the world makes a delightful spot for a fragrant wander on sunny days. The wealth of plant life on display is truly…