Balaton Pantheon

Lake Balaton & Southern Transdanubia

The Balaton Pantheon has memorial plaques from those who took the cure at the town's famous hospital; the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore was one of them.

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1. Gyógy tér

0.06 MILES

This leafy square is home to the State Hospital of Cardiology. In the centre you’ll encounter the Kossuth Pump House (1853), a natural spring that…

3. Round Church

0.16 MILES

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, the tiny neoclassical Round Church was completed in 1846. The Crucifixion (1891) by János Vaszary sits above the altar…

4. Vaszary Villa

0.17 MILES

This beautifully restored villa (1892), once the residence of the Vaszarys, exhibits some works by the best-known family member, the painter János Vaszary…

5. Jókai Memorial Museum

0.18 MILES

The Jókai Memorial Museum is housed in the summer villa of the prolific writer Mór Jókai, just north of Vitorlás tér. Jókai churned out many of his 200…

6. Tagore Sétány


The entire town seems to stroll the leafy lake-hugging promenade all day. It hides a number of statues, including a bust of Nobel Prize–winning poet…

7. Lóczy Cave

1.85 MILES

Around 40m of this cave is accessible to the public, and the highlight inside is the thick layers of limestone. It's located north of the old town centre…

8. Visszhang-hegy

2.77 MILES

You'll find Visszhang-hegy at the end of Pisky sétány. At one time, up to 15 syllables of anything shouted in the direction of the Abbey Church would…