Memorias Frágiles

Copán Ruinas

This fascinating photo exhibition was a gift from Boston's Peabody Museum; it features a collection of rare photos detailing the first archaeological expeditions to Copán at the turn of the 20th century. Many of these proved essential in later restoration work, as the photos showed the site decades beforehand and offered clues to how the various stone hieroglyphs had lain.

It’s located inside the Palacio Municipal (City Hall), behind the second door on the left as you enter (you may have to ask for the key).

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1. Museo de Arqueología Maya

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2. Museo Digital de Copán

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4. Mirador El Cuartel

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The atmospheric ruins of the old town jail have a fine view of the town and surrounding countryside, making it worth the steep walk uphill to get here.

5. Casa K’inich

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6. Tea & Chocolate Place

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