Copán Ruinas

Situated for defense on a mountainside, the earth shifting due to subterranean water flow here has left the remains twisted into unusual formations. This site was occupied both before and after the long Copan dynasty making it unique in the valley; it contains exceptional sculpture. It's about 2km trip beyond the main site behind the Clarion Hotel (L30 by mototaxi).

Expect to have the beautiful and interesting site all to yourself.

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Nearby Copán Ruinas attractions

1. Núñez Chinchilla

1.11 MILES

One hundred and fifty meters north of the Grand Plaza and included on the Copan site ticket, this interesting site of 23 residential structures was still…

2. Macaw Mountain Bird Park

1.26 MILES

Around 2.5km outside Copán Ruinas is an extensive private reserve aimed at saving Central American macaws. There are plenty of them here, along with…

4. Copán Archaeological Site Ruins

1.28 MILES

One of the most important of all Maya civilizations lived, prospered, then mysteriously crumbled around the Copán archaeological ruins, a Unesco World…

5. Museo de Escultura

1.43 MILES

Copán is unique in the Maya world for its sculptures and some of the finest examples are on display at this impressive museum, which is fully signed in…

6. Casa K’inich

1.73 MILES

Casa K’inich includes an interactive re-creation of the ancient football game practiced by the Copán residents more than a millennia ago. Displays are in…

7. Mirador El Cuartel

1.74 MILES

The atmospheric ruins of the old town jail have a fine view of the town and surrounding countryside, making it worth the steep walk uphill to get here.

8. Los Sapos

1.74 MILES

The sapos (toads) are old Maya stone carvings, set along a hiking trail in the hills next to Hacienda San Lucas (they'll give you a map). The site is…