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Honduras' most popular backpacker haunt, little Utila is also one of the cheapest places in the world to learn how to dive. You'll meet people here daily who came to get certified, went home, sold all their stuff and came back on a one-way ticket. Utila's sublime tropical beauty and chilled-out vibe makes it hard to not to entertain that idea yourself at least once.

The island is only about 8 miles (13km) long and 5km wide, and is focused around Utila Town, the island's only settlement, which is set on a curving bay with two small beaches and dozens of hotels, restaurants, bars and dive shops. There are few roads and much of the island is impenetrable wilderness accessible only by sea.

Another draw: juvenile whale sharks – gentle giants measuring up to 20ft-long (6m) – are spotted around the island. Spotting one is like winning the ocean jackpot.

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