Torre del Reformador

Guatemala City

A spectacularly strange medium-scale reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, plonked down in the middle of Zona 9.

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Nearby Guatemala City attractions

1. Jardín Botánico

0.27 MILES

The Universidad de San Carlos has a large, lush botanical garden on the northern edge of Zona 10. The admission includes the university's Museo de…

2. Museo de Historia Natural

0.33 MILES

The university's small yet packed Museo de Historia Natural is at the same site as the Universidad de San Carlos' botanical garden, which is also included…

3. Museo Ixchel

0.83 MILES

This museum is named for the Maya goddess of the moon, women, reproduction and textiles. Photographs and exhibits of indigenous costumes and other crafts…

4. Museo Popol Vuh

0.83 MILES

Inside Museo Popol Vuh you'll find well-displayed pre-Hispanic figurines, incense burners and burial urns, plus carved wooden masks and traditional…

5. Centro Cívico

0.91 MILES

Pride of Zona 4 (actually straddling its borders with Zonas 1 and 5) is the Centro Cívico, a set of large government and institutional buildings…

8. Banco de Guatemala

0.99 MILES

It's interesting to visit this bank building, which bears relief sculptures by Dagoberto Vásquez depicting his country's history.