Iximché Archaeological Site

Lago de Atitlán

The remnants of the Kaqchiquels’ 15th-century capital stand some 15km due east of Lago de Atitlán. The ‘palaces’ and temples uncovered here are modest in scale but ensconced in a serene, park-like setting. Iximché remains an important ceremonial site for indigenous pilgrims, who visit the area to perform magic rituals to ward off illness or bring good fortune.

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1. Museo de Arte Maya

7.26 MILES

The museum is mostly a showcase for the work of painter Julián Gabriel, whose canvasses go beyond the usual scenes of daily life to portray an apocalyptic…

2. Galería de Arte Gabriel

7.29 MILES

Two blocks south of the main plaza, this attractive old house contains the studio and gallery of a prominent Comalapa painter, Iván Gabriel. The artist's…

3. Iglesia San Juan Bautista

7.31 MILES

In 1976 a major earthquake caused widespread devastation in Comalapa and took the lives of 3500 inhabitants. The Iglesia San Juan Bautista, the town's…

4. Town Hall

10.5 MILES

The Town Hall (Municipalidad), which stands behind the church in the center of town, is Panajachel's seat of government and handles administrative…

5. Iglesia San Francisco

10.54 MILES

The colonial-era church is the heart of old Panajachel. Its extremely broad stone facade, with four tiers of windows between double columns, resembles a…

6. La Galería

10.75 MILES

Overflowing with art by Guatemalan painters and sculptors, this gallery functions as both an exhibit space and cultural center, hosting lectures, films…

7. Casa Cakchiquel

10.85 MILES

Pana's cultural center started life as one of the first hotels on the lake, built by a Swedish countess in 1948. Now it holds a radio station, Japanese…

8. Museo Lacustre Atitlán

11.03 MILES

Inside the Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo, this museum has displays on the history of the Atitlán region and the volcanic eruptions that created its…