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Nuuk is Greenland's capital and by far its biggest, most cosmopolitan town. It commands a grand fjord system and is backed by a splendid panorama of mountains. From carefully chosen angles the town can look picturesque, and if you haven't seen anywhere else in Greenland you may find it almost quaint. But if you've been travelling around the country it's easy to get depressed by Nuuk's long-slab apartment blocks and... Read More

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$36.47 Walking & Biking Tours

Historical City Walk of Nuuk

This guided tour is for anyone interested in Greenland’s colonial history and its impact on present-day society.During this walk around Colonial Nuuk, you will be told about the encounter between the Inuit and European culture, and their mutual impact on the development of present-day society. The statues and buildings all contribute to the story of the rapid transformation of the old Inuit way of life; the struggle for survival and adaptation by the colonizers, and the inevitable clash of beliefs and merge of cultures.

$189.64 Day Trips & Excursions

Icefjord Hike and Settlement of Kapisillit

This tour is for travelers who love the wind in their faces, the salty spray of the sea, and who don’t mind a bit of hiking.The boat ride to Kapisillit takes approx. 2.5 hours and takes us through the eastern part of the Nuuk Fjord system. The mountains flanking the fjord are some of the oldest in the world and provide precious material for local artists. Take in the vastness of the fjord while keeping a lookout for whales, seals and white-tailed eagles. From the bottom of Kapisillit Fjord, we will hike - approx. 45 min. - up to the plateau overviewing the Icefjord. It is an area rich in plants and wildlife, and the ice backdropping the landscape is a majestic sight. With the Icefjord in sight, we will eat our lunch while enjoying the immense silence only interrupted by the glacier calving in the bottom of the fjord.Before heading back to Nuuk, we will stop by Kapisillit - the last permanent settlement in Nuuk Region - and visit one of the local families. Highlights: Look for whales, seals, reindeer, arctic fox, snow hares, eagles Enjoy your lunch by the majestic Icefjord Visit a local family in Kapisillit Enjoy the beauty and vastness of Nuuk Fjord system

$182.34 Outdoor Activities

Full-Day Guided Climb Up Kingittorsuaq Including Boat Ride

This tour takes you on a beautiful boat ride past the Kobbefjord - some 30 minutes from Nuuk Harbour - to the small bay of Pupik, where you will go ashore and begin the challenging climb of Kingittorsuaq. The mountain is one of Nuuk’s hallmarks and is used by locals for interpretation of weather conditions in the region. It is a relatively steep mountain and only committed hikers make their way to its summit which provides a stunning view of Nuuk region. The climb is challenging and we advise that only experienced hikers go on this tour. There is no need for climbing gear. This is a full-day tour - you will need to bring a lunch pack and water, and there are no paved paths on the hike so you should wear suitable footwear

$145.88 Outdoor Activities

Back Country Hike from Kobber Fjord to Nuuk Fjord

We depart from Nuuk Harbour and start the tour with a short boat ride - approx. 30 min - to the Kobbe Fjord east of Nuuk. Half-way up the fjord, we will go ashore and begin our hike north-east toward Nuuk Fjord. First part of the hike goes through beautiful valley landscapes, taking us up to 350 metres above sea level, from where there is a view of Nuuk Fjord, the mountain of Sermitsiaq, and the mountainous landscape of both fjords. It is a breathtaking sight. After a short rest, we head down toward Nuuk Fjord, passing several gushing waterfalls on our way. The hike takes approx. 4 hours. Once we reach the shore of Nuuk Fjord, we get back into the boat and head home toward Nuuk, arriving at the harbour approximately 1 hour later.

$87.53 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Ancient Settlement of Kangeq

This tour is for travelers interested in the history and cultural development of Nuuk region Kangeq Island and its settlement lies at the very mouth of Nuuk Fjord, just 20 km west of Nuuk. To its north-west lies Hope Island, named by the Norwegian missionary Hans Egede, whose arrival and settlement on the island ultimately lead to the Danish colonization of Greenland. Although abandoned, Kangeq shows clear evidence of modern European culture with its wooden houses and the small church which - in the days of colonisation - also served as a school for the settlement’s children. Human habitation on Kangeq has been dated back as far as the Paleo Eskimo people of the Dorset Culture which, along with Kangeq's rich history of art-making, storytelling, hunting and kayaking during the days of colonization, highlights the settlement’s historical and cultural significance. Highlights :       Look for humpback whales, seals, and white-tailed eagles Enjoy the calm inlet between Kangeq and Hope Island Imagine the comings and goings of ancient cultures Get a feel of the modernisation of Greenland

$131.29 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Half-Day Fishing in the Fjord and Dining in Qooqqut

This 5-hour tour is for travelers who enjoy being self-reliant. Qooqqut is a tiny settlement about 50km east of Nuuk, just one of many local summering spots. There, Restaurant Qooqqut Nuan offers a rare dining experience with food made from with fresh, local produce and ingredients, including your catch of the day. Enjoy a beautiful view of Qooqqut Fjord from the restaurant. The boat ride takes about 1.5 hrs, giving you a small taste of the vast Nuuk Fjord system and the local wildlife. Your guide will, as always, be on sharp lookout for whales spouting. On the way, the boat will stop to jig for cod and redfish, your dinner, while you soak-in the stillness and scenery of the dramatic, mountainous Nuuk Fjord system. Upon arrival at the restaurant, the owner and skill-full chef of Qooqqut Nuan will prepare and serve your catch of the day. A truly unique experience.