Although 6km east of town, this fascinating museum of science and technology, old and new, is worth visiting. There's a planetarium, a giant-screen cinema and simulator for the kids, while the exhibition of ancient Greek technology shows just how ingenious the ancients really were. Opening times and pricing can be unnecessarily complicated: check the website, and expect sometimes to have to buy separate tickets for the sections you wish to see.

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1. Villa Allatini

2.97 MILES

This ornate 19th-century red-brick mansion was built by a Jewish family in what was then a fashionably 'rural' corner of Thessaloniki. Its survival is…

2. Villa Bianca

3.15 MILES

One of Thessaloniki's most famous mansions, built in 1912 by Pierro Arrigoni for Sephardic entrepreneur Dino Fernandez Siaz, the White House features art…

3. Villa Mordoch

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Actually built for a Turkish first owner, this handsome 1905 mansion takes its name from the Jewish family that later lived here. Now the Culture and…

4. Thessaloniki Concert Hall


Japanese architect Arata Isozaki created the M2, one of two waterfront buildings that house Thessaloniki's high-brow music scene. It's a strikingly…

5. New Waterfront

4.49 MILES

Thessaloniki's New Waterfront is evidence that architecture can improve urban life through intelligent redesign of the space in which it is lived…

6. Museum of Byzantine Culture

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This fascinating museum has plenty of treasures to please Byzantine buffs, plus simple explanations to introduce this long-lived empire and its culture to…

7. Archaeological Museum

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Macedonia's prehistory, Hellenistic and Roman periods are charted in this wonderful museum, home to many of the region's major archaeological discoveries…

8. Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

4.98 MILES

One of the most respected modern-art institutions in Greece, MOMus grew from an initial bequest of 30 modern masterpieces in 1979, and now exhibits over…