Yeni Tzami


This early-19th-century Turkish mosque, with crumbling atmosphere to spare, is near the end of Ermou, where a Turkish market used to thrive. In front of it, a little boat with a Smyrna (Greek for Izmir) port of registration sign is a touching memorial to millions who were forced to leave their homes for good in the epic exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey in 1923.

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Nearby Lesvos attractions

1. Fortress

0.27 MILES

Mytilini’s imposing early-Byzantine fortress was renovated in the 14th century by Genoese overlord Francisco Gatelouzo, and then the Turks enlarged it…

2. Archaeological Museum

0.31 MILES

This handsome refurbished museum, about 500m above the eastern quay, portrays island life during Roman times, from the 2nd century BC to the 3rd century…

3. Church of Agios Therapon

0.41 MILES

The bulbous dome of this church crowns Mytilini’s skyline. Its ornate interior boasts a huge chandelier, an intricately carved iconostasis, a priest’s…

4. Teriade Museum

2.59 MILES

Extraordinary. It's worth coming to Lesvos for this alone – the Teriade Museum and its astonishing collection of paintings by artists including Picasso,…

5. Theophilos Museum

2.61 MILES

On the same site as the Teriade Museum, this humble structure contains 86 paintings by the primitive painter Theophilos, who remains a folk hero among…

6. Vrana Olive-Press Museum

7.54 MILES

Modestly tucked away in the village of Papados, between Mytilini and south-coast Plomari, this little museum showcases 19th-century steam-powered presses…

7. Church of the Panagia Vrefokratousa

10.16 MILES

A pilgrimage site of national importance, this elegant walled-off church contains a namesake icon depicting the Virgin, which is believed to make miracles…

8. Ouzo Plomariou

12.34 MILES

Up the main road from Agios Isidoros, this famous distillery offers tours and tastings.