Must-see attractions in Lesvos

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    Teriade Museum

    Extraordinary. It's worth coming to Lesvos for this alone – the Teriade Museum and its astonishing collection of paintings by artists including Picasso,…

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    Church of the Panagia Vrefokratousa

    A pilgrimage site of national importance, this elegant walled-off church contains a namesake icon depicting the Virgin, which is believed to make miracles…

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    Theophilos Museum

    On the same site as the Teriade Museum, this humble structure contains 86 paintings by the primitive painter Theophilos, who remains a folk hero among…

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    Moni Taxiarhon

    Around 36km north of Mytilini Town, near Mantamados village, stands one of Lesvos’ most important pilgrimage sites. An axis of Orthodoxy, myth and…

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    Moni Ypsilou

    About 9km west of Andissa, the Byzantine Moni Ypsilou stands atop a solitary peak surrounded by volcanic plains. Founded in the 8th century, this storied…

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    Vrana Olive-Press Museum

    Modestly tucked away in the village of Papados, between Mytilini and south-coast Plomari, this little museum showcases 19th-century steam-powered presses…

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    Varvagianni Ouzo Museum

    Plomari is ouzo central for Greece. This museum, where the family has made ouzo for five generations, gives you the chance to tour its copper distillery…

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    Eftalou Beach

    Eftalou Beach (also called Agii Anargyri Beach), 2km northeast of Petra, is the place for solitude seekers. Backed by a cliff, the serene, narrow pebbled…

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    Archaeological Museum

    This handsome refurbished museum, about 500m above the eastern quay, portrays island life during Roman times, from the 2nd century BC to the 3rd century…

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    Mytilini’s imposing early-Byzantine fortress was renovated in the 14th century by Genoese overlord Francisco Gatelouzo, and then the Turks enlarged it…

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    Byzantine-Genoese Castle

    This handsome 14th-century castle stands guard above Molyvos. A steep climb is repaid by sweeping views over the town and sea – even across to Turkey,…

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    Vrisa Natural History Museum

    Associated with the Museum of Palaeontology and Geology at the University of Athens, the museum displays impressive and well-signed prehistoric fossil…

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    Yeni Tzami

    This early-19th-century Turkish mosque, with crumbling atmosphere to spare, is near the end of Ermou, where a Turkish market used to thrive. In front of…

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    Eresos Archaeological Museum

    This is a modest museum, but the outside (and fenced) mosaics are of great interest. It is located on a quiet street in the southeastern part of the…

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    Church of Agios Therapon

    The bulbous dome of this church crowns Mytilini’s skyline. Its ornate interior boasts a huge chandelier, an intricately carved iconostasis, a priest’s…

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    Ouzo Plomariou

    Up the main road from Agios Isidoros, this famous distillery offers tours and tastings.