East Magazines

Iraklio Province

The east magazines (storerooms) once contained stacks of giant pithoi (pots) containing liquids and staples.

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1. Altar Pit

0.01 MILES

Believed to be an altar where animals were sacrificed (many bone remains were found here).

2. Central Court

0.01 MILES

The Central Court is the main court, measuring an impressive 48m long and 22m wide. On its western side archaeologists discovered one of the Kernos Stones…

3. Grand Staircase

0.02 MILES

This was the main staircase that led to the 'piano nobile', where important rooms such as reception areas were located.

4. Hypostyle Hall

0.02 MILES

The hall was a large room with six pillars, presumably supporting a second floor and/or roof. Many decorated ceramics were found here, leading…

5. Loggia

0.02 MILES

The loggia was most probably used for ceremonial purposes.

7. Pillar Crypt

0.03 MILES

Located behind a stone-paved vestibule within the west wing of the palace, the pillar crypt is believed to have harboured the most important rooms.

8. Kernos Stone

0.03 MILES

This disc with 34 impressions around its edge is on the western side of the Palace of Malia's Central Court. Archaeologists believe it probably had a…