Archaeological Museum of Neapolis Voion


This impressive collection of artefacts encompasses finds from the Malea Peninsula on which Neapoli sits. It masterfully takes the visitor on an ancient coastal route, so you see statues and objects, including clay vessels and jewellery, that span from the northwest of the peninsula to the northeastern coast, including ancient inland sites.

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1. Kastania Cave

4.04 MILES

The extraordinary Kastania Cave, located at the end of a spectacularly winding 13km route northeast of Neapoli, contains some of the best examples of rare…

2. Petrified Forest

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Amateur geologists will appreciated the petrified forest, an expanse of trees fossilised several million years ago. It's located on the coast around 16km…

3. Monemvasia Archaeological Collection

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This small museum housed in a former temple, Agios Andreas (596 AD), displays finds unearthed in the course of old town excavations, such as pottery from…

4. Kastro – Medieval Village

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Almost wholly surrounded by ocean, Monemvasia's fortified medieval village is divided into the lower town, bisected by a main cobbled street lined with…

5. Agia Sofia

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In a spectacular clifftop position in the upper town, this foursquare Byzantine church was built in the 12th century. Its interior is richly decorated…

6. Katouni Bridge

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Supported by 13 arches and measuring 110m long, the largest stone bridge in Greece spans a shallow ravine on what's now a minor road, east of Livadi…

8. Archaeological Museum of Kythira

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Hora’s impressive archaeological museum, beside the main road at the northern end of town, traces the history of ‘this small island’ in two rooms. Among…