Archaeological Museum


Holds an interesting assortment of ancient finds, costumes and photos relating to Kastellorizo. Labels are limited but it gives a reasonable sense of the island's past.

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Nearby Kastellorizo attractions

1. Megisti Museum

In a former mosque near the ferry jetty, this museum devotes itself largely to display panels telling the island’s fascinating story.

2. Knights of St John Castle


At the top of the hill, a rickety stairway leads to the ruins of the Knights of St John Castle, which gave the island its name – thanks to the red cliff…

3. Blue Cave

0.91 MILES

Located on Kastellorizo’s remote southeast shore, this extraordinary cave is famous for its mirror-like blue water. To get there, you must take one of…

4. Liman Ağzı

3.47 MILES

If you're after a full day on the beach, the best idea is to hop on one of the water taxis in Kaş harbour and head for one of these three beaches on the…

5. Halk Plajı

3.49 MILES

This pebble beach on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, with views of Meis, has sunloungers, umbrellas, toilets and a cafe. It's 2km west of Kaș.

6. Akçagerme Beach

3.83 MILES

Akçagerme Beach is a small public beach opposite the exit to Gökseki, along the main road west to Kalkan; it's 3km from Kaș.

7. Antiphellos Theatre

4.07 MILES

Antiphellos was a small settlement and the port for Phellos, the much larger Lycian town further north in the hills. The small Hellenistic theatre, 500m…

8. Yeni Camii

4.16 MILES

The Yeni Cami is uphill from Kaş' main square.