Hania Archaeological Museum

Top choice museum in Hania

The setting alone in the beautifully restored 16th-century Venetian Church of San Francisco is reason to visit this fine collection of artefacts from Neolithic to Roman times. Late-Minoan sarcophagi catch the eye as much as a large glass case with an entire herd of clay bulls (used to worship Poseidon). Other standouts include Roman floor mosaics in back, Hellenistic gold jewellery, clay tablets with Linear A and Linear B script, and a marble sculpture of Roman emperor Hadrian.

Also particularly impressive are the statue of Diana and, in the pretty courtyard, a marble fountain decorated with lions’ heads, a vestige of the Venetian tradition. A Turkish fountain is a relic from the building’s days as a mosque. To the north of the church, three small rooms display choice finds from a private collection of Minoan pottery, jewellery and clay models.

The church itself was a mosque under the Turks, a movie theatre in 1913, and a munitions depot for the Germans during WWII.