Ancient Akrotiri


In 1967, excavations in the southwest of Santorini uncovered an ancient Minoan city buried deep beneath volcanic ash from the catastrophic eruption of 1613 BC. Housed within a cool, protective structure, wooden walkways allow you to pass through the city. Peek inside three-storey buildings that survived, and see roads, drainage systems and stashes of pottery.

It's best to visit with a guide and to stop by the Museum of Prehistoric Thera before coming here.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Santorini attractions

1. Red (Kokkini) Beach

0.67 MILES

Surreal red beach to the southwest backed by rust-and-fire coloured cliffs. Just up from the beach are several good restaurants.

2. White (Aspri) Beach

1.18 MILES

One of Santorini's prettiest beaches, this secluded southwestern cove, surrounded by cliffs, is only reachable by boat.

3. Vlihada Beach

1.48 MILES

Popular with those who like to bare all and backed by some spectacular rock formations, this southern beach is particularly beautiful at sunset. Go up…

5. Tomato Industrial Museum

1.83 MILES

Tomato processing was a major industry on the island before the earthquake of 1952, and this is a unique look inside an old tomato factory in Vlihada. The…

6. Akrotiri Lighthouse

2.69 MILES

If you want to watch the greatest free show on earth (the sunset!) in seclusion, well, you're out of luck. Word is out, and you will be joined at the tip…

7. Agios Georgios Beach


Long strip of volcanic sand to the south with sun loungers and plenty of dining options.

8. Cultural Village

3.29 MILES

In cooperation with the lauded Selene restaurant, this Pyrgos venue explores the traditional way of life in Santorini before it became a tourist mecca…