Must-see attractions in Delos

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    Ancient Delos

    Delos has a special place in Greek mythology. When Leto was pregnant with twins Apollo and Artemis, she was relentlessly pursued by a vengeful Hera – the…

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    Archaeological Museum

    A vast haul of artefacts has been protected from the elements and displayed in this must-see museum, including the originals of many of the frescoes,…

  • Terrace of the Lions

    The most-photographed part of the Delos site is this terrace facing the Sacred Lake, lined with stone lions (these are replicas, the originals are in the…

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    Mt Kynthos

    Mt Kynthos (113m), southeast of the harbour, is a steep but rewarding climb. There are monuments such as the Temple of Hera and the Sanctuaries of Zeus…

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    Built between 296 and 240 BC, this partially restored marble theatre could once seat 6500 spectators in its 40 rows. The large cistern in front of it…

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    Sacred Lake

    According to the legend, it was here that Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis, making it one of the most sacred sites of the ancient world. This didn't…

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    Adjoining the sanctuary of Apollo was a smaller compound forming the sanctuary of his twin sister, Artemis. Three remaining columns mark the location of…

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    Poros Temple

    The smallest and oldest of the three adjacent temples to Apollo at the heart of his sanctuary, this one dates from the 6th-century BC and was named for…

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    House of Comedians

    The re-erected Doric columns here once formed a colonnade around the atrium of a large villa, which takes its name from a painted frieze featuring actors…

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    House of the Masks

    This grand villa takes its name from floor mosaics featuring actors' masks, although the centrepiece is a spectacular mosaic of Dionysos riding a leopard,…

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    House of Cleopatra

    No, not that Cleopatra. This ruined villa contains headless statues of its former owners, a rich Athenian couple called Cleopatra and Dioscurides, along…

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    Temple of the Delians

    Also known as the Great Temple of Apollo, this was the largest of the temples in the god's sanctuary. Construction commenced in 478 BC.

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    House of the Dolphins

    One of Delos' grandest houses, the highlight here is a well-preserved mosaic with youths riding dolphins in each corner.

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    House of Dionysos

    The remains of a lavish villa, with a mosaic depicting the god of wine riding a tiger (the original is in the museum).

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    This temple of Dionysus has some well-preserved reliefs, along with a giant sheared-off phallus on top of a plinth.

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    Temple of Hera

    This 5th-century BC temple has a well-preserved marble altar and two columns still standing.

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    House of Hermes

    A lavish multistory home from the 2nd century BC with a partially intact courtyard.

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    Sacred Harbour

    Today's tourist boats pull into a pier constructed on the site of an ancient harbour, positioned at the main ceremonial entrance to the Sanctuary of…