Agioi Apostoli


Two small beaches make up the Agioi Apostoli (The Holy Apostles) area, around 3.5km west of Hania. These sheltered coves are perfect for families. A bus runs here from Hania.

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Nearby Hania attractions

1. Kalamaki

0.41 MILES

The small, sandy beach of Kalamaki is 5km west of Hania and has calm, shallow waters, making it a good choice for families with young children. A bus runs…

2. Hrysi Akti Beach

0.75 MILES

Located 2.5km west of Hania, Hrysi Akti (which translates aptly as Golden Sands) is a lovely 500m arc of sandy beach; the shallow waters are suitable for…

3. Nea Hora Beach

1.76 MILES

Hania's in-town beach is only a 10-minute walk west of the Venetian Harbour. The 500m-long yellow-sand strip is backed by tavernas and holiday-apartment…

4. Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Collection

2.24 MILES

In the impressively restored Venetian Church of San Salvatore, this small but fascinating collection of artefacts, icons, jewellery and coins spans the…

5. Venetian Fortifications

2.26 MILES

Part of a defensive system begun in 1538 by Michele Sanmichele, who also designed Iraklio’s defences, Hania’s massive fortifications remain impressive…

6. Firkas Fortress

2.27 MILES

The Firkas Fortress at the western tip of the harbour heads the best-preserved section of the massive fortifications that were built by the Venetians to…

7. Maritime Museum of Crete

2.28 MILES

Part of the hulking Venetian-built Firkas Fortress at the western port entrance, this museum celebrates Crete’s nautical tradition with model ships, naval…

8. Etz Hayyim Synagogue


Crete’s only remaining synagogue (dating from the 15th century) was badly damaged in WWII and reopened only in 1999. It sports a mikveh (ritual bath),…