Temple of Apollo


Northwest of the port, ruined walls, cisterns and broken pillars in honey-coloured stone are lorded over by a solitary surviving column. It’s all that’s left of a 5th-century-BC temple that was once part of an ancient acropolis (built on a prehistoric site). The informative Sanctuary Museum has translations in English and German.

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1. Folklore Museum

0.43 MILES

Peruse historical clothing, housewares and artwork recreating the mood of old-time island life.

2. Christos Capralos Museum

0.99 MILES

The home and studio of acclaimed sculptor Christos Capralos (1909–93), on the coast near Livadi, 1.5km north of Aegina Town, has been made into a museum…

3. Moni Agiou Nektariou

3.29 MILES

This large modern monastery in central Aegina marks the turn-off for the road to Paleohora Byzantine village and churches.

4. Paleohora

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This enchanting remote hillside is dotted with the remains of a Byzantine village. More than 30 surviving churches punctuate the rocky heights of the…

5. Moni Hrysoleontissas

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This imposing 17th-century monastery is in a remote central part of Aegina and is surrounded by high walls built by the monks to ward off pirates. At one…

6. Temple of Ellanios Zeus

5.08 MILES

This temple ruin sits on top of the mountain Ellanio Oros (532m) in the south of central Aegina.

7. Temple of Aphaia

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The well-preserved remains of this impressive temple stand proudly on a pine-covered hill with far-reaching views over the Saronic Gulf. Built in 480 BC,…

8. Temple of Poseidon

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There's very little left of this 6th-century temple. Once it was a magnificent building giving sanctuary to fugitives and wrecked sailors, but in the 18th…