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Great Britain

The clue's in the name. Great Britain packs so much greatness into its pint-sized shores: crumbling castles, soaring cathedrals, quaint villages, timeless landscapes and history galore.

Centuries of History

Visiting Britain is like travelling in your own personal time machine. More than 5000 years of history are sown into the British soil: here you can walk around a neolithic stone circle, stand atop an Iron Age hill fort, visit a Roman bath, conquer a Norman castle, marvel at a medieval cathedral, wander around a Victorian museum and admire the view from a 21st-century skyscraper. History is everywhere – and if you want to understand what makes Britain tick, you have to gaze into its past.

British Eccentricity

It won't take long travelling round Britain to realise that it's just a little bit, well, eccentric. Since time immemorial, this has been a country determined to do things its own way: in art, architecture, literature, engineering, music, politics and comedy, the British just never seem happy to follow the herd. Perhaps it's because Britain is an island nation; no doubt it has something to do with the infamously unpredictable weather. Whatever the case, any country that can dream up welly-wanging, cheese-rolling, maypole dancing, tar-barrel racing and caber tossing simply has to be worth a visit.

The Great Outdoors

It's just 874 miles from top to bottom, but Britain boasts an astonishing diversity of landscapes: moors, mountains, glens, lakes, woodlands, fields, dales and endless miles of craggy coastline. Throw in 15 national parks, numerous nature reserves and countless beauty spots, and it all adds up to a nonstop inspirational panorama – as generations of poets, painters, musicians and photographers have discovered to their, and our, advantage. Tramp the hills, cycle the lanes, bask on the beaches and wander the cliffs – the great British countryside awaits.

Museums & Galleries

When it comes to culture, Britain is a world-beater. London is home to the nation's leading institutions, including big hitters such as the British Museum, the V&A, the Tate Modern and the Natural History Museum. But world-class museums and galleries are scattered across the island: there's Glasgow's wonderful Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Newcastle's BALTIC arts centre, Edinburgh's National Museum of Scotland and outposts of the Tate in Liverpool and St Ives. But often it's the weirdest ones that are the most fun: look around and you'll discover museums devoted to Bakelite, lawnmowers, waxworks, witchcraft and even the humble pencil. Only in Britain.

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