Heidelberg Region

Consecrated in 1717, 200 years to the day after Luther posted his 95 Theses, this harmonious church half a block north of Maximilianstrasse is a superb example of Protestant baroque. Almost all the rich interior decor is original. The double-sided front pews, installed in 1890, allow worshippers to face the altar and then shift sides to see the pulpit during the sermon. Look out for organ recitals. It will reopen following renovations in late 2018; check with the tourist office for updates.

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1. Judenhof

0.09 MILES

A block south of the Rathaus, the ‘Jews’ Courtyard’ is one of the most important medieval Jewish sites in Germany: the remains of a Romanesque-style…

2. Kaiserdom


Begun in 1030 by Emperor Konrad II of the Salian dynasty, this extraordinary Romanesque cathedral has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1981. Its…

3. Historisches Museum der Pfalz

0.19 MILES

Exhibits at this treasure-packed museum across from the Kaiserdom include the Goldener Zeremonialhut von Schifferstadt, an ornate gilded hat shaped like a…

4. Altpörtel

0.32 MILES

The 55m-high, 13th-century Altpörtel, the city’s western gate, is the only remaining part of the town wall. Its clock dates from 1761. Climbing 154 steps…

5. Technik Museum

0.52 MILES

At this technology extravaganza, 1km south of the Kaiserdom, you can climb aboard a Lufthansa Boeing 747-230 mounted 20m off the ground (and walk out on…

6. HockenheimRing

5.73 MILES

The hallowed HockenheimRing, 22km southwest of Heidelberg just east of the A6, has three circuits and stands accommodating up to 120,000 fans. It hosts…

7. HockenheimRing Motor Sport Museum

5.74 MILES

At the HockenheimRing race track, the Motor Sport Museum has a fantastic collection of historic motorcycles, some a century old, and a fine ensemble of…

8. Schloss Schwetzingen

7.55 MILES

The enchanting gardens of Schloss Schwetzingen, the grand baroque-style summer residence of Prince-Elector Carl Theodor (1724–1799), are wonderful for a…