Art lovers will enjoy the Katharinenkirche for its sculptures by Ernst Barlach and Gerhard Marcks, plus The Resurrection of Lazarus by Tintoretto. It has no tower, owing to the rules of the Cistercian order that built it in the 14th century. It's worth wandering the arched hallway beneath the balcony and sitting to appreciate the rich decoration, some of it recently restored.

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Nearby Lübeck attractions

1. Willy Brandt House

0.03 MILES

Besides Gunther Grass, Lübeck's other big Nobel Prize winner was chancellor of West Germany (1969–74) and was honoured for his efforts to reconcile with…

2. Günter Grass-Haus

0.05 MILES

Born in Danzig (now Gdańsk), Poland, Günter Grass had been living just outside Lübeck for 13 years when he collected his Nobel Prize in 1999. But this…

3. Füchtingshof

0.08 MILES

Among Lübeck's famous Höfe (courtyards), this is one of the most beautiful, although it's not always open.

4. Glandorps Gang


The Glandorps Gang is one of Lübeck's most stunning centuries-old gänge (walkways).

5. Heiligen-Geist-Hospital

0.15 MILES

The former Heiligen-Geist-Hospital has an elegant old entryway and a few resonances of Germany's first hospital (dating back to 1227). Through an early…

6. Buddenbrookhaus

0.17 MILES

Thomas Mann, winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in Lübeck in 1875, and his family’s former home is now the Buddenbrookhaus. Named…

7. Marienkirche


This fine Gothic church boasts the world's highest brick-vaulted roof and was the model for dozens of churches in northern Germany. Crane your neck to…

8. Rathaus

0.23 MILES

Sometimes described as a ‘fairy tale in stone’, Lübeck’s 13th- to 15th-century Rathaus is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Germany. Inside,…