East Frisian Islands

This visitor centre on the harbourfront has an interactive exhibit all about the science and ecology of Unesco World Heritage-listed Wattenmeer (Wadden Sea), as well as the opportunity for guided walks onto the mudflats (check the website during the summer season for dates, times and prices).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby East Frisian Islands attractions

1. Kurioses Muschelmuseum

22.35 MILES

The 1st floor of the tourist office is devoted to display cases full of shells of all varieties, as well as other objects brought up from the sea: crab…

2. Inselmuseum

22.37 MILES

A volunteer-run museum exhibiting all manner of things associated with the history of the island, from stuffed wildlife found on and around it to 19th…

3. Kunsthalle

22.81 MILES

Emden’s art gallery shows off a range of big, bold canvases, focusing on 20th-century art, in its light-flooded, white-and-exposed-timber rooms. Every few…

4. Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum

23.01 MILES

This award-winning museum has an interesting and varied collection illustrating themes of local history and life in the region. Not surprisingly, its…

5. Bunkermuseum

23.05 MILES

The labyrinth of WWII civilian air-raid shelters at the Bunkermuseum includes testimonies from people who sheltered here, offering a moving insight into…

6. Museum Feuerschiff Amrumbank

23.07 MILES

The bright-red ship moored in Ratsdelft is a former 1915 lightship, used as a warning beacon to other ships in areas without lighthouses. A small museum…

7. Menkemaborg

28.28 MILES

Some 25km northeast of Groningen, in the town of Uithuizen, is one of the Netherlands' most authentic manor houses. Originally a fortified castle dating…