If you're looking to keep the kids amused, SeaLife is the place to head. Reef sharks, moray eels and seahorses are among the 10,000 creatures on display, all presented in aquariums with recessed glass viewing ports. Tunnel walkways lead you right through some tanks – the next best thing to scuba diving. Save money by purchasing tickets online beforehand.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Munich attractions

1. Olympiapark

0.05 MILES

The area to the north of the city where soldiers once paraded and the world's first Zeppelin landed in 1909 found a new role in the 1960s as the…

2. Rock Museum


Your lift ticket to the Olympiaturm also buys access to the small if quirky Rock Museum. Ozzie Osbourne's signed guitar, a poem penned by Jim Morrison and…

3. Olympiaturm


When the sky is clear you'll have Munich at your feet against the breathtaking backdrop of the Alps from the top of the 290m Olympiaturm. It's one of the…

4. BMW Welt


Next to the Olympiapark, the glass-and-steel, double-cone tornado spiralling down from a dark cloud the size of an aircraft carrier holds BMW Welt, truly…

5. BMW Museum

0.24 MILES

This silver, bowl-shaped museum comprises seven themed 'houses' that examine the development of BMW's product line and include sections on motorcycles and…

6. Erinnerungsort Olympia-Atentat

0.39 MILES

The 1974 Olympics are unfortunately known for the attack carried out by Palestinian terrorists, during which Israeli athletes were kidnapped and killed…

7. Olympiastadion

0.44 MILES

Germans have a soft spot for the Olympiastadion because it was on this hallowed grass in 1974 that the national soccer team – led by the Kaiser Franz…

8. Ost-West Friedenskirche

0.58 MILES

Built illegally after WWII by a Russian hermit called Father Timofey, the delightfully rural Russian Orthodox East-West Peace Church was to have been…