Bavaria Filmstadt


Movie magic is the draw of the Bavaria Filmstadt, a theme park built around Bavaria Film, one of Germany's oldest studios, founded in 1919. The top-grossing German film of all time, Das Boot, was among the classics shot here, though now the studios focus more on TV production.

Films and TV are still produced today, and who knows, you might see a star during the guided 90-minute tours. The 1pm tour is in English.

The crash-and-burn Stunt Show is a runaway hit as well, while kids are particularly fond of the wacky 4D cinema, with seats that lurch and other special effects from silly to spooky. The Filmstadt is in the southern suburb of Geiselgasteig, about 14km from the Altstadt. Take the U1 to Wettersteinplatz, then tram 25 to Bavariafilmplatz.

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