This engaging museum celebrates the classical composers with a significant connection to the city, among them Felix Mendelssohn, Gustav Mahler and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Exhibits range from instruments and memorabilia to interactive displays.

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1. Johannes Brahms Museum

0.03 MILES

Master composer Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) was born in Hamburg. Although the house where he was born was destroyed in 1943, this fine 18th-century…

2. Pelikan Apotheke

0.12 MILES

This still-functioning pharmacy has been around since 1656… wander in to admire the splendid period touches.

3. Grossneumarkt

0.14 MILES

Once the hub of Neustadt life, this large, leafy square is pretty quiet these days, although it comes to life with market stalls on Wednesday and Saturday…

4. Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

0.17 MILES

Hamburg's history museum has lots of kid-friendly features: it's chock-full of intricate ship models, has a large model train set (which runs on the hour)…

5. St Michaelis Kirche

0.22 MILES

‘Der Michel’, as it is affectionately called, is one of Hamburg’s most recognisable landmarks and northern Germany’s largest Protestant baroque church…

6. Krameramtswohnungen

0.25 MILES

In an alley off Krayenkamp 10 are the Krameramtswohnungen, a row of tiny half-timbered houses from the 17th century that, for nearly 200 years, were…

7. Tanzende Türme

0.38 MILES

Watching over the eastern gateway to St Pauli since 2011, the 'Dancing Towers' are a Hamburg icon. The two towers buck and weave by up to 3m from the…

8. Flakturm IV

0.46 MILES

Rising up from the northern reaches of St Pauli, this brooding concrete structure was built during WWII as an anti-aircraft defence position but doubled…