Steinerne Brücke


An incredible feat of engineering for its day, Regensburg’s 900-year-old Stone Bridge was at one time the only fortified crossing of the Danube. Damaged and neglected for centuries (especially by the buses that once used it) the entire expanse has undergone renovation in recent years.

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1. Oskar Schindler Plaque

0.12 MILES

Oskar Schindler lived in Regensburg for years, and today one of his houses bears a plaque to his achievements, as commemorated in Steven Spielberg's epic…

2. Porta Praetoria

0.13 MILES

Just north of the Dom, the arched gate called Porta Praetoria is the most impressive reminder of Regensburg's Roman heritage. It was built in AD 179 by…

3. Roman Wall

0.14 MILES

The most tangible reminder of the ancient rectangular Castra Regina (Regen Fortress), where the name ‘Regensburg’ comes from, is the remaining Roman wall,…

4. Golf Museum

0.14 MILES

Claiming to be Europe's best golf museum (not counting Scotland, home to the British Golf Museum), this fine repository of wooden clubs, ivory tees and…

5. Altes Rathaus

0.16 MILES

From 1663 to 1806, the Reichstag (imperial assembly) held its gatherings at Regensburg's old town, an important role commemorated by an exhibit in today's…

6. Dom St Peter

0.17 MILES

It takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust to the dim interior of Regensburg’s soaring landmark, the Dom St Peter, one of Bavaria’s grandest Gothic…

7. Kepler-Gedächtnishaus

0.17 MILES

Disciples of astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler should visit the house he lived in while resident in Regensburg.

8. Document Neupfarrplatz

0.23 MILES

Excavations in the mid-1990s revealed remains of Regensburg's once-thriving 16th-century Jewish quarter, along with Roman buildings, gold coins and a Nazi…