Regensburg & the Danube

Modelled on the Parthenon in Athens, the Walhalla is a breathtaking Ludwig I monument dedicated to the giants of Germanic thought and deed. Marble steps seem to lead up forever from the banks of the Danube to this dazzling marble hall, with a gallery of 127 heroes in marble.

The collection includes a few dubious cases, such as astronomer Copernicus, born in a territory belonging to present-day Poland. The most recent addition (2009) was romantic poet Heinrich Heine, whose works were set to music by Strauss, Wagner and Brahms.

To get here take the Danube Valley country road (unnumbered) 10km east from Regensburg to the village of Donaustauf, then follow the signs. Alternatively, you can take a two-hour boat cruise with Schifffahrt Klinger, which includes a one-hour stop at Walhalla, or take bus 5 from Regensburg Hauptbahnhof.

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