Stift Neuzelle

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This Cistercian monastery complex fronted by a beautiful garden is a rare baroque architectural gem in northern Europe; it's nicknamed ‘Brandenburg’s baroque miracle’. A custom-built subterranean museum displays two restored scenes from an 18th-century carved Passion Cycle rediscovered in a church attic in 1997. Stop by the monastery brewery to sample their delicious dark beer.

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1. St Marienkirche

17.95 MILES

Looming above Marktplatz is the crenellated tower of the Church of St Mary, a huge red-brick Gothic hall church. Ruined by war and socialist-era disregard…

2. Kleist-Museum

17.96 MILES

Heinrich von Kleist, one of Germany's key poets and dramatists of the Romantic Age, was born in Frankfurt (Oder) in 1777. A pilgrimage stop for literature…

4. Park & Schloss Branitz

26.97 MILES

A highlight of a visit to Cottbus is this palace-and-park ensemble, which stems from the feverish brow of Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau (1785–1871) –…