Freedom Square


This busy traffic nexus was Lenin Sq in Soviet times. Georgia’s last Lenin statue, toppled in 1990, stood where the golden St George (a gift to the city from its sculptor, Zurab Tsereteli) now spears his dragon.

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Nearby Tbilisi attractions

1. Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Art

0.11 MILES

This museum contains a vast wealth of icons, crosses and jewellery from all over Georgia. Sadly, it can only be entered with a guide (English available,…

2. Georgian National Museum


The major highlight of the impressive national museum is the basement Archaeological Treasury, displaying a wealth of pre-Christian gold, silver and…

3. Project ArtBeat

0.25 MILES

This gallery is Georgia's leading contemporary art space, nurturing local talent and giving shows to up-and-coming artists. Pop in to see what's currently…

5. Parliament Building

0.28 MILES

The impressive high-arched Parliament building has seen many momentous events, including the deaths of 19 Georgian hunger strikers at the hands of Soviet…

6. Anchiskhati Basilica

0.31 MILES

Tbilisi’s oldest surviving church is perhaps its loveliest. Built by King Gorgasali’s son Dachi in the 6th century, it's a three-nave basilica whose…

7. Norasheni Church

0.31 MILES

The large Armenian Norasheni Church, dating from 1793, has been long disused but tentative (and still incomplete) renovations began in 2015.

8. Clock Tower

0.32 MILES

One of old Tbilisi's most emblematic structures is also one of its newest, a higgledy-piggledy clock tower, built by puppet master Rezo Gabriadze during a…