Town in Huahine

A visit to tiny Fare almost feels like stepping back in time, so perfectly does it capture the image of a sleepy South Seas port. There’s not a lot to do, but that’s part of Fare’s appeal. Check out the colourful waterside market and a few creative boutiques, or hire a bicycle and just pedal around a bit.

You’ll find a good stretch of white-sand beach on the northern outskirts of town (follow the coastline from New Te Marara restaurant). It’s great for sunbathing and swimming, and offers excellent sunset vistas. The wide, super-clear lagoon here drops off quickly, providing some truly great snorkelling amid stunning coral and dense fish populations.

Fare looks out over Haamene Bay, which has two passes to the sea: the northern Avamoa Pass is the main entry point for inter-island shipping, while the Avapeihi (Fitii) Pass to the south is a great diving site.