St-Jean de Luz

The heart of the historic district of Socoa is about 2.5km west of Ciboure along the continuation of quai Maurice Ravel (named for the Boléro composer, who was born in Ciboure in 1875). Its prominent fort was built in 1627 and later improved by Vauban. You can walk out to the Digue de Socoa breakwater or climb to the lighthouse via rue du Phare, then out along rue du Sémaphore for fabulous coastal views.

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1. Plage de Ciboure

0.43 MILES

Ciboure has its own modest beach 2km west of Socoa on the corniche (the D912); it's served by Transports 64 buses en route to Hendaye and, in the high…

2. Pointe de Ste-Barbe

1.01 MILES

A superb panorama of St-Jean de Luz unfolds from this craggy promontory, at the northern end of the Baie de St-Jean de Luz and about 1km beyond the town…

3. Maison de l'Infante

1.09 MILES

In the days before her marriage to Louis XIV, María Teresa stayed in this brick-and-stone mansion (like the temporary home of her husband-to-be, it was…

4. Grande Plage

1.09 MILES

St-Jean de Luz' beautiful arcing beach sprouts stripy bathing tents from June to September. It's protected from the wrath of the Atlantic by breakwaters…

5. Maison Louis XIV

1.17 MILES

The grandest house in town was built in 1643 by a wealthy shipowner, but its main claim to fame is as the house where Louis XIV lived out his last days of…

6. Église St-Jean Baptiste

1.19 MILES

The plain façade of France’s largest and finest Basque church conceals a splendid interior with a magnificent Baroque altarpiece. It was in front of this…

7. Château d'Urtubie

2.08 MILES

This small château was constructed in the 13th century and has been in the hands of the same family ever since. Rooms are decorated in period style and…

8. L'Écomusée Basque Jean-Vier

2.94 MILES

Basque traditions are brought to life at this illuminating multimedia museum, which explores everything from pelota and Basque architecture to the art of…