Tour de Vésone

The Dordogne

This 24.5m-high cella (inner shrine) is the last remaining section of a massive 2nd-century Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to the local goddess Vesunna.

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1. Musée Gallo-Romain Vesunna

0.05 MILES

Part of the park that contains the Tour de Vésone, this sleek museum designed by French architect Jean Nouvel encompasses a 1st-century Roman domus …

2. Église St-Étienne de la Cité

0.16 MILES

The Église St-Étienne de la Cité was built in the 11th century on the site of the Roman temple to Mars. Périgueux’ cathedral until 1669, it only has two…

3. Jardin des Arènes

0.23 MILES

The verdant Jardin des Arènes in the rejuvenated ruins of the city's Roman amphitheatre attract locals and visitors alike. Kids play in the fountain,…

4. Roman Amphitheatre

0.24 MILES

The ruins of the city’s amphitheatre, designed to hold more than 20,000 baying spectators, was one of the largest such structures in Gaul. Today the tops…

5. Tour Mataguerre

0.32 MILES

Of the 28 towers that formed Puy St-Front’s medieval fortifications, only the 15th-century Tour Mataguerre, a stout, cylindrical bastion, remains.

6. Cathédrale St-Front

0.52 MILES

Périgueux’ most distinctive landmark is most notable for its five creamy Byzantine tower-topped domes (inspired by either St Mark’s Basilica in Venice or…

7. Galerie Daumesnil

0.53 MILES

Galerie Daumesnil is a series of linked courtyards within 15th- to 17th-century townhouses.