Marché de St-Honoré


This monumental glass hall (Ricardo Bofill, 1996) of offices and shops replaces an unsightly parking garage (now underground) and evokes the wonderful passages couverts (covered shopping arcades) that begin a short distance to the northeast.

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1. Place Vendôme

0.11 MILES

Octagonal place Vendôme and the arcaded and colonnaded buildings around it were constructed between 1687 and 1721. In March 1796 Napoléon married…

2. Colonne Vendôme

0.11 MILES

In the centre of place Vendôme, this column consists of a stone core wrapped in a 160m-long bronze spiral made from hundreds of Austrian and Russian…

3. Théâtre-Musée des Capucines

0.23 MILES

A separate wing of the Perfume Museum is located a short distance south in the Théâtre-Musée des Capucines. The activity in this early 20th-century…

4. Musée des Arts Décoratifs

0.28 MILES

Privately administered collections of applied arts and design, advertising and graphic design, and fashion and textiles are displayed in the Rohan Wing of…

5. Musée du Parfum Scribe


This wing of Fragonard's Perfume Museum holds a collection of copper distillery vats and antique flacons. It's located in a beautiful old hôtel…

6. Jardin du Palais Royal

0.31 MILES

The Jardin du Palais Royal is a perfect spot to sit, contemplate and picnic between boxed hedges, or to shop in the trio of beautiful arcades that frame…

7. Jardin des Tuileries

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Filled with fountains, ponds and sculptures, the formal 28-hectare Tuileries Garden, which begins just west of the Jardin du Carrousel, was laid out in…

8. Nouveau Musée du Parfum

0.33 MILES

If the art of fragrance entices, stop by Fragonard's perfume museum. One of a trio of Paris locations, it has 30-minute guided tours (English available)…