Place Nationale


In the historic upper town, all roads lead to this exquisite square, hemmed in on every side by magnificent double-vaulted arcades and tall pink buildings.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Tarn attractions

1. Musée Ingres

0.14 MILES

Montauban's main focus is this fine-arts museum, which centres on the work of the neoclassical painter (and accomplished violinist) Jean-Auguste-Dominique…

2. Cathédrale Notre Dame de l'Assomption

0.18 MILES

Hanging in Montauban’s 18th-century Cathédrale Notre Dame de l’Assomption is one of Ingres' masterpiece, Le Vœu de Louis XIII (1824), which depicts the…

3. Abbaye St-Pierre

14.74 MILES

Rosy brick characteristic of the Toulouse area heightens the majesty of this abbey and its exceptional Romanesque cloister. Awarded Unesco World Heritage…

4. Notre-Dame de l'Assomption

20.45 MILES

The elegant, tiered bell tower of Beaumont's main church, dating to the 14th century, was closely modelled on Toulouse's Couvent des Jacobins.

5. Maison Natale de Pierre Fermat

20.52 MILES

The life and works of 17th-century mathematician Pierre de Fermat spring to life through puzzles, games and panels (in French) at this small museum within…

6. Aeroscopia

24.72 MILES

This aviation museum was built on the very spot the A380 Airbus was first completed. Here you can admire commercial and military aircraft and learn behind…

7. Maison des Vins

28.25 MILES

This well-organised winegrowers' cooperative is a great place to get acquainted with Gaillac wines. It stocks about 100 local vintages. Friendly,…

8. Basilique St-Sernin

28.59 MILES

This well-preserved Romanesque edifice is built from golden and rose-hued stonework up to the tip of the octogonal bell tower. Entry is free, but it’s…