Île Molène


Scarcely 1km across, Île Molène feels even more remote than its neighbour Île d'Ouessant. It's carless, virtually treeless, home to a declining population of just 169 people (inhabitants are known as Molénais) and its electricity supply depends on a single diesel generator. The island's only village is Le Bourg, a hamlet of whitewashed fishing cottages clustered around a granite quay, with a church. Needless to say, the island can only be explored on foot.

A half-day is all you really need to walk the island's circumference. Another option, which also allows you to investigate the nearby islets, is to hire a kayak or canoe, which can be arranged from the port on arrival. The island has several chambres d'hôte, a campground, a hotel and a list of other properties to rent – check the website for more information.

All ferries to Ouessant stop here en route.