Côte d'Or

This gleaming modern museum is a good place to learn about Burgundy wines and winemaking techniques, with movies, exhibits and interactive displays, followed by your choice of tastings, from regional wines to grands crus (wine of exceptional quality).

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1. Cassissium


This museum and factory worships all things liqueur, with a particular focus on the blackcurrant, from which cassis is made. There's fun for the whole…

2. Château du Clos de Vougeot

3.21 MILES

A mandatory stop on your tour of Burgundy's vineyards, this magnificent wine-producing château (estate) provides a wonderful introduction to Burgundy's…

3. Abbaye de Cîteaux

5.92 MILES

Rising from bucolic fields between Dijon and Beaune, the restored 11th-century Abbaye de Cîteaux – founded in 1098 as the original abbey of the Cistercian…

4. Château de Savigny

8.39 MILES

Drop in for wine tasting and stay to see the unexpected collection of race cars, motorcycles, airplanes and fire trucks. Last admission is 90 minutes…

5. Tour Blondeau


Dating to 1465, this tower is a prominent landmark along Beaune's eastern ramparts.

6. Basilique Collégiale Notre Dame

9.52 MILES

Built in Romanesque and Gothic styles from the 11th to 15th centuries, this church was once affiliated with the monastery of Cluny. It's notable for its…

7. Maison des Climats

9.59 MILES

Opened in 2017 to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Unesco's recognition of Burgundy's vineyards as a World Heritage Site, this free interpretive…

8. Hôtel-Dieu des Hospices de Beaune

9.63 MILES

Built in 1443, this magnificent Gothic hospital (until 1971) is famously topped by stunning turrets and pitched rooftops covered in multicoloured tiles…