Porte Guillaume (Triumphal Arch)


This monumental 18th-century arch serves as the western gateway into Dijon's pedestrianised medieval centre.

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Nearby Dijon attractions

1. Musée Archéologique

0.13 MILES

Truly surprising Celtic, Gallo-Roman and Merovingian artefacts are displayed here, including a particularly fine 1st-century AD bronze of the Celtic river…

2. Jardin Darcy

0.13 MILES

Dijon has plenty of green spaces that are perfect for picnics, including this inviting park between the train station and the historic centre.

3. Cathédrale St-Bénigne

0.13 MILES

Built over the tomb of St Benignus (believed to have brought Christianity to Burgundy in the 2nd century), Dijon's Burgundian Gothic–style cathedral was…

4. Hôtel Aubriot

0.29 MILES

Originally built in the 13th-century, the Hôtel Aubriot's elegant façade owes some of its current splendour to restoration work completed in the early…

5. Maison Maillard


Originally built in the mid-16th century for Jean Maillard, mayor of Dijon, this Renaissance-style gem sports a façade richly ornamented with garlands,…

6. Hôtel Chambellan

0.31 MILES

The 17th-century Hôtel Chambellan is one of many noble buildings along rue des Forges. Alas, its most interesting feature, a courtyard with a splendid…

7. Église Notre Dame

0.33 MILES

A block north of the Palais des Ducs, this church was built between 1220 and 1240. Its extraordinary façade's three tiers are lined with leering gargoyles…

8. Rue de la Chouette

0.34 MILES

Around the north side of Église Notre Dame, this street is named after the small stone owl (chouette) carved into the exterior corner of the chapel…