Rue de la Chouette


Around the north side of Église Notre Dame, this street is named after the small stone owl (chouette) carved into the exterior corner of the chapel diagonally across from No 24. Said to grant happiness and wisdom to those who stroke it, it has been worn smooth by generations of fortune-seekers.

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1. Maison Millière

0.01 MILES

Figures of an owl and a cat perch high atop the roof of the 15th-century Maison Millière, which was a setting in the 1990 film Cyrano de Bergerac with…

2. Église Notre Dame

0.02 MILES

A block north of the Palais des Ducs, this church was built between 1220 and 1240. Its extraordinary façade's three tiers are lined with leering gargoyles…

3. Hôtel de Vogüé

0.02 MILES

Behind Église Notre Dame, the 17th-century Hôtel de Vogüé is renowned for the ornate carvings around the arches of its exquisitely proportioned…

4. Tour Philippe le Bon

0.05 MILES

Adjacent to the ducal palace, this 46m-high, mid-15th-century tower affords fantastic views over the city. On a clear day you can see all the way to Mont…

5. Hôtel Chambellan

0.06 MILES

The 17th-century Hôtel Chambellan is one of many noble buildings along rue des Forges. Alas, its most interesting feature, a courtyard with a splendid…

6. Maison Maillard

0.07 MILES

Originally built in the mid-16th century for Jean Maillard, mayor of Dijon, this Renaissance-style gem sports a façade richly ornamented with garlands,…

7. Hôtel de Ville

0.07 MILES

Dijon's town hall sits smack in the middle of the Palais des Ducs et des États de Bourgogne.

8. Hôtel Aubriot

0.07 MILES

Originally built in the 13th-century, the Hôtel Aubriot's elegant façade owes some of its current splendour to restoration work completed in the early…