Musée de la Pêche


This excellent museum, just inside the main western gate of the Ville Close, delves into Concarneau's seafaring traditions using everything from archive film to scale models and vintage boats. You can even clamber aboard the museum's very own fishing vessel, the retired L'Hémérica, permanently docked just outside the city walls.

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Nearby Finistère attractions

1. Ville Close (Walled City)

0.11 MILES

This special walled town, fortified in the 14th century and modified by the architect Vauban two centuries later, sits on a small island linked to place…

2. Plage des Sables Blancs

1.03 MILES

This lovely stretch of sand is around 1.5km northwest of town. There are lifeguards on duty in summer.

3. Château de Keriolet

1.05 MILES

This impressive building is an exquisite example of 19th-century architecture. Its intriguing Russian connections are revealed during a guided tour …

4. Pointe du Cabellou


Head southwest of town to this viewpoint poking into the sea, where you can discover the remains of an old 18th century fort.

5. Plage du Cabellou


About 7km south of town, this is decent spot for sunbathing and swimming, with views back to Concarneau.

6. Musée de Pont-Aven


For informative insights into the town's place in art history, stop by this well-organised and well-presented museum. Gallery size has doubled in recent…

7. Musée Départemental Breton

12.13 MILES

Beside the Cathédrale St-Corentin, recessed behind a magnificent stone courtyard, this superb museum over several floors showcases Breton history,…

8. Cathédrale St-Corentin

12.15 MILES

At the centre of the city rises Quimper's dramatic Gothic cathedral, with its distinctive dip in the middle where it was built to conform to the land. It…