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Oulu has one of Finland's liveliest market squares, and its position at the waterfront makes it all the more appealing. The square is bordered by several old wooden storehouses now serving as restaurants, bars and craft shops. The squat Toripolliisi statue, a humorous representation of the local police, is a local landmark. Made from bronze, the lovable figure is the work of sculptor Kaarlo Mikkonen, and was installed here in 1987.

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1. Merimiehen Kotimuseo

0.31 MILES

This house-museum on Pikisaari belonged to a local sailor. Built in 1737, it is the oldest house in Oulu and was transferred here from the city centre in…

2. Oulun Tuomiokirkko

0.31 MILES

Oulu’s imposing cathedral was built in 1777, but then came the great fire of 1822, which severely damaged the structure. Prolific architect CL Engel…

3. Pohjois Pohjanmaan Museo


The Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia in the city park has almost too much information to take in at first bite. It covers the earliest habitation of the…

4. Hupisaaret Park

0.54 MILES

Just north of the city centre on the Hupisaaret Islands, connected by small bridges, this great park has bike paths, museums, greenhouses and a summer…

5. Oulun Taidemuseo

0.62 MILES

Oulu’s art museum is a bright, spacious gallery with excellent temporary exhibitions of both international and Finnish contemporary art, and a cafe.

6. Tietomaa

0.69 MILES

This huge, excellent science museum can occupy kids for the best part of a day with a giant, 35m-high IMAX screen, hands-on interactive exhibits exploring…

7. Turkansaaren Ulkomuseo

8.49 MILES

Set across two river islands on the scenic Oulujoki, this open-air museum is a collection of traditional wooden buildings, from loggers’ cabins to stables…

8. Haukiputaan Kirkko

11.95 MILES

Haukipudas, 21km north of Oulu at a scenic spot along the Kiiminkijoki, is renowned for its cream-painted, terracotta-roofed wooden church, one of Finland…