Walter Runeberg Sculpture Collection

Turku & Finland's South Coast

This gallery has 150 sculptures by Walter Runeberg, the eldest son of national poet JL Runeberg. Walter Runeberg produced the town’s sculpture of his father.

The gallery is across the street from Runebergin Koti, JL Runeberg's former home, now a museum.

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1. Runebergin Koti

0.04 MILES

National poet JL Runeberg’s former home has become a museum, with a period interior including stuffed foxes and muskets that demonstrate the poet’s love…

2. Taidetehdas


This former tractor factory is now an exhibition space, with rotating exhibitions of contemporary art. The centrepiece is the permanent display of the…

3. Porvoon Nukke- ja Lelumuseo

0.38 MILES

Houses over a thousand dolls, tin toys and other childhood curiosities, making it Finland’s largest toy museum.

4. Porvoon Museo


Porvoo’s town museum occupies two buildings on the beautiful cobbled square at the heart of the Old Town. The town-hall building (Vanha Raatihuoneentori)…

5. Vanha Porvoo

0.49 MILES

One of Finland's most enticing old quarters, this tangle of cobbled alleys and wooden warehouses is entrancing. Once a vibrant port and market, Porvoo now…

6. Tuomiokirkko

0.52 MILES

Porvoo’s historic stone-and-timber cathedral sits atop a hill overlooking the quaint Old Town. This is where Tsar Alexander I convened the first Diet of…

7. Loviisan kirkko

19.65 MILES

Dominating the market square is the red-brick neo-Gothic Loviisa Church, built in 1865.

8. Loviisa Town Museum

19.8 MILES

About 200m north of the town square, Loviisa Town Museum is set in an old manor house with three floors of interesting historical exhibits, particularly…